Cloud Contact Center

Deliver better customer service at lower cost with an easy-to-use cloud contact center


Amazon Connect is a pay-as-you-go cloud contact center. There are no minimum monthly fees, long-term commitments, or upfront license fees, and pricing is not based on maximum capacity, agent seats, or maintenance; you only pay for what you use. Amazon Connect offers capabilities for your contact center and agent workspace, including voice, chat forecasting, and more


$ 0.018 usage/agent/minute
  • Inbound*
  • Outbound*
  • *Phone charges apply


$ 0.004 use/agent/message
  • Native web integration


$ 27 agent/monthly
  • Forecasts
  • Planning
  • scheduling

Local taxes (VAT, goods and services tax, etc.) will be charged in addition to the prices mentioned.


Set up a cloud contact center in just a few clicks and onboard agents to help customers right away.

Improve agent productivity and customer experience across voice and digital channels with an all-in-one contact center, powered by ML and AI.

Scale up or out to meet customer demand, with the flexibility to onboard tens of thousands of agents working from anywhere.

Save up to 80% % compared to traditional contact center solutions with no minimum fees, long-term commitments or upfront license fees.


Request access by sending a Management | AWS service | Self-provisioning service | Add (revision required) (ct-3qe6io8t6jtny) exchange rate. This RFC provides the following IAM roles to your account: customer_connect_console_role and customer_connect_user_role. Once your account is provisioned, you must incorporate the role into your federation solution.

There are no restrictions. The full functionality of Amazon Connect is available in your AMS account.

You must create an AWS KMS key and an Amazon S3 bucket using standard AMS RFCs; The Amazon S3 bucket is required to store call recordings and chat transcripts.

If you want to integrate with Active Directory (AD), an AD connector is required for integration between AMS-hosted Amazon Connect instances and your on-premises directory services. AD Connector can be configured in your account by requesting an 'Administration | Other | Other' RFC.

You can enable the following optional self-provisioned services based on your contact flow requirements.

AWS Lambda – You can use Lambda functions to extend contact flows and take advantage of existing APIs or on-premises data stores. You can use Lambda's self-provisioned service to create Lambda functions.

Amazon Kinesis Data Streams – You can create data streams to enable streaming of data to external applications. You can stream contact trace logs or agent events.

Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose – You can create Data Firehose to stream high-volume contact trace records to external applications.

Amazon Lex – You can leverage Amazon Lex chatbots to create intelligent contact flows by leveraging Amazon Alexa services for richer customer experience and automation.

To add a list of countries for outgoing or incoming calls, please submit a service request to AMS.

With Amazon Connect, you can anticipate customer expectations and outperform the competition at a lower cost. Quickly deliver improvements that retain existing customers and attract new ones.