Payments for any business

From e-commerce stores to subscription companies, we offer a complete range for all your payment needs across all channels.


2.15% + .30¢ per transaction
  • Everything you need to manage payments
  • Get hundreds of feature updates every year
  • No monthly fees or hidden fees
  • Comprehensive security and rigorous compliance


Fast and predictable payments to your bank accounts

Control the payment time Choose to receive transfers continuously, weekly or monthly.

Reconciliation and financial reports

Get real-time information on charges, fees, refunds and transfers from the Dashboard or through the API.

Manage your business operations from anywhere

Track payments on the go and receive notifications. Even take quick action like issuing a refund.

Comprehensive security and rigorous compliance

Certified service to the highest industry standards and with regulatory licenses around the world.


Once you're set up, payments arrive in your bank account every 2 consecutive days. Or you can choose to receive weekly or monthly payments

Starting June 1, 2023, all disputed payments (also known as chargebacks) incur a fee of $15.00 regardless of the outcome of the dispute.


You can issue partial or full refunds. Depending on your fee schedule with YP Payment, there may be some fees associated with issuing refunds. Payment processing fees from the original charge are not refunded.

YP Payment is required to collect sales tax on certain products and services. Sales tax is collected based on the address of your business's legal entity, which determines whether the product or service is subject to state and local taxes and applicable tax rates.

You Prism Payment uses Stripe as its processor to secure your payments and transactions.

There are no additional fees for using our mobile SDKs or for accepting payments using consumer wallets like Apple Pay or Google Pay.

Ready to start accepting payments?