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Get high-quality voice connectivity around the world. Redefine business communication and accelerate growth.


$ 0 (Call charges apply)
  • Unlimited calling within the US/Canada
  • Free 250 outbound minutes/mo with all user add-ons


Up to 10 users
$ 120 months
(Call charges apply)
  • Unlimited calling within the US/Canada
  • Free 1000 outgoing minutes/month


Up to 30 users
$ 360 months
(Call charges apply)
  • Unlimited calling within the US/Canada
  • Free 2000 outgoing minutes/month


Up to 100 users
$ 1200 months
(Call charges apply)
  • Unlimited calling within the US/Canada
  • Free 5000 outgoing minutes/month

Local taxes (VAT, goods and services tax, etc.) will be charged in addition to the prices mentioned.


Advanced call routing

Route incoming calls to the correct department by configuring IVR with predefined rules. Quickly assist VIP customers by asking them to dial a number assigned to a specific set of agents, managers, or executives. Define your work hours and holidays, and allow callers to leave voice messages during off hours. Reduce the number of missed calls and improve the overall customer experience.

Live call monitoring

Hear live calls, talk to agents without the caller hearing, or jump into a live call to start a three-way conversation. Ensure quality sales and support assistance by monitoring calls and training agents in real time. Record your calls and analyze them later to further improve the quality of your services.

Holistic reporting and analysis

Dive into your call data from the dashboard and get a macro view of outgoing, received and missed calls. Easily search and analyze completed calls by filtering call logs based on date, agent, department, queues, and numbers so you can manage your workforce efficiently. Track performance with queue analytics and customer feedback ratings.

mobile contact center solution

Take your contact center service with you wherever you go so you can provide timely support on the go. Manage calls using only your mobile phone and an Internet connection. Zoho Voice mobile app is available for both iOS and Android platforms.


Yes, you can try to make outgoing calls with our trial number and the free credits we provide. Incoming calls cannot be tested with the test number.

Yes, you can use Zoho Voice with your personal email address. Registration via Gmail is blocked by default to prevent spam calls, so you'll need to email us to whitelist your Gmail account. Zoho Voice offers a free Solo plan: you just need to buy credits and get a phone number to make and receive calls. Call rates applicable.

No, Zoho Voice is not included in Zoho One. Zoho Voice subscription is separate. A Zoho One license does not include Voice.

Now, you may be wondering if you can use Zoho Voice telephony features in your Zoho One portal. The answer is yes!”

Zoho Voice has an integration with Zoho applications through Zoho Telephony (PhoneBridge). Zoho Telephony is a single point of integration between Zoho applications and cloud PBX services, including Zoho Voice and many other third-party services.

Zoho Telephony is available on the Zoho One Marketplace. You can add Zoho Voice as your cloud PBX service in Zoho Telephony, import your Zoho One agents to Zoho Voice, buy phone numbers, assign them to agents and set up calls.

Zoho Telephony integration is available only in our Enterprise Telephony edition.

If you are a Zoho One, CRM, Desk, Recruit or Bigin user, you can try the standard plan of our Enterprise Telephony edition. This is a Zoho compatible plan with 10 free Zoho Agents for each Zoho Voice admin user at $49/month, billed annually.

Create an account with 1 admin user (comes with 10 free Zoho agents) and then select Zoho Voice as your cloud PBX service from the services listed in Zoho Telephony. Import up to 10 agents from Zoho One/CRM/Desk/Recruit/Bigin and configure all settings in Zoho Voice. These agents will be able to make and receive calls directly from your Zoho One/CRM/Desk/Recruit/Bigin portal.

This integration has limited features like click to call, call popups, call notes, etc. Only the admin will have a Zoho Voice admin portal where they can set everything up, handle payments, and download call logs and reports. The 10 free Zoho agents will be able to make calls only from the respective Zoho application. They do not have access to the Zoho Voice web app.

Sorry, Zoho Voice is currently only available in the US data center. We are setting up Zoho Voice in our EU and Australian data centers. We will make announcements about it on our blog. Users who have already registered for Zoho services in our EU, AU or IN data centers cannot access Zoho Voice with the same email address.

However, you can use Telephony's integrated phone system and then port your numbers over to Zoho Voice when available in the EU and AU.

We provide a complementary license of 3 Free Users in our Enterprise Telephony edition's standard plan for our Partners (3 Admins & 30 Zoho agents). To activate this, please send an email to support@zohovoice.com. You can use it for demo purposes and your internal needs. Only the subscription charge is on us. Number rental and call charges are applicable.

Yes, you can try to make outgoing calls with our trial number and the free credits we provide. Incoming calls cannot be tested with the test number.

You cannot buy phone numbers when you are in the trial version. Sign in to your Zoho Voice account and go to the subscriptions page. Choose any plan (for example: Free Only) and buy credits in our store. Then go to the Numbers page and choose the local or toll-free number you want. Read our terms and conditions and click Buy number to buy the number using credits.

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